“I wish I hadn’t eaten that!”

“I feel so frustrated because I know what I should be eating, but I just can’t stop the mindless eating!”

“I feel OUT OF CONTROL with my food! I wish I could be more conscious of what I put into my body!”





During the Eat On Purpose coaching week you’ll…


  • Learn ONE SIMPLE TECHNIQUE that will let you say goodbye to mindless eating and hello to loving nourishment – you can do it anywhere and at anytime!
  • Get PRACTICAL step-by-step SUPPORT in using the 3 magic phrases which open up the doorway to a pleasurable relationship with your food and body!
  • Receive a CHEAT SHEET to hang on your fridge or cabinet, so that you can make this a sustainable and transformational practice.
  • Discover a WHOLE NEW approach to nourishing yourself, that makes you feel good from the inside out!

I get that you already know what you “SHOULD” be eating to feel your best. 

The KNOWING, the INFORMATION, the FOOD FACTS are not the missing link in you making healthy food choices that respect and nourish your body. You’re not lacking in info, motivation, OR willpower!

In fact you could probably write your own nutrition book about what’s “good” or “bad” to eat. If know-how and determination was enough, you’d be feeling terrific in your body and proud of what you eat.

But you aren’t.

And you’re not alone. SO many women are struggling with mindless, unconscious, grab-whatever-is-available eating. And the first thing I want to tell you on this journey of healing, is please, please…stop blaming yourself!

Stop being so harsh with yourself, and start having a pleasurable and healthy relationship with your food! 

Stop going it alone – step into real and practical support. This Eat on Purpose Coaching Week is designed specifically for women who are tired of the diets, the restriction and the rebound, but still yearn for feeling at peace and at home in their own bodies.

I’ve created a series of videos and emails that will walk you through an incredibly powerful (but oh-so simple) technique that can shift the how, why and what you eat, in a truly pleasurable way.

In case you haven’t met me, I’m Nina Manolson, M.A. Health & Psychology of Eating Coach

I’ve been helping women have a positive and healthy relationship with their bodies for 25 years. And if you’re ready, I’d like to offer you my support.

And just so you can get a sense of my style, I’m very real, practical and compassionate. This Eat on Purpose is exactly that – very practical and very nourishing. I hope you’ll join me!

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